CX Maxi (K1)

Knysna Racing

Classic K1 Paddle Kayak / Ski

The CX Maxi is the ‘old school classic’ K1 that has been tried and tested over many years and it is the ideal big water kayak for intermediate to beginner paddlers. It has enough volume for big rivers and enough rocker to ensure excellent turning ability. It is available in a Polyvac constructions for excellent longevity. Max paddler weight: 110kg. Boat dimensions:  520cm length x 43cm width x 28cm height  

Features -
Options between pedal or t-bar steering,
Overstern or understern rudder,
Carbon kickplate fitted,
Std river seats,

Pull strap or Pull bar,
Adjustable carbon sprint seat on seat pin,
Carbon platform seat.

Type: River

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