Vantage Pro Plus (K1)

Knysna Racing

Top K1 racer for the larger paddlers, stable kayak

Knysna’s top racer for the larger paddlers. The Vantage Pro Plus K1 offers the same stability and speed as it’s smaller brother the Vantage Pro, but with added cockpit height to accommodate bigger feet, which also allows for more volume in bigger river races. It is 0.5cm wider in the cockpit area. This is the preferred K1 for Graeme Solomon and Greg Louw.

Max paddler weight: Flat water 95kg; River 90kg

520cm length x 29cm depth x 39.5cm width

Features -
Options between pedal or t-bar steering,
Overstern or understern rudder,
Carbon kickplate fitted,
Std river seats,

Pull strap or Pull bar,
Adjustable carbon sprint seat on seat pin,
Carbon platform seat.

Type: River

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